A Nod of Spring

In the past few years, spring has encouragingly hinted at a time of respite from a busier season of winter and has offered a new clarity for me to imagine new beginnings in the ways sturdy new tulips begin to emerge and fill my studio for inspiration.

There’s always a special anticipation that brings a slight anxiety but also restless welcoming toward this uncertainty and possibility of change! This year is no different, but I’m starting to ease into the ebbs and flows of the season.

Tomorrow morning, I leave for a creative conference entitled, True Magic with speakers dear to my heart and path – Martha Beck, writer and life-coach and Elizabeth Gilbert, writer. The event is dedicated to the idea of accessing your “creative dreams” and using your magic to find your true path. Many of the attendees that have introduced themselves (via social network), are at a crossroads or transition in life. I’m not sure I am where they are in terms of crossroads, though there seem multiple roads ahead. I do feel I am in a central area of target for my true path, “often for which a greater number of points may be scored when hit” in archery! If that makes sense. I think I am arriving to my true home. I am energized by my regular activities in the studio; at my desk, writing. I am encountering the unknown and placing my trust that there is a way I can leave a print on the earth – become truly happy with my place in it. Not without anxiety and exhaustion some days, but with faith and hope in the kindness of the universe and higher powers at work – the seedlings of enlightenment stirring in every person and even in nature.

If you know me, as you get to know me, you will surely know and see that I love coffee shop time, and I have already located just that near me at the convention so I hope to share with you here, some insights from my time there.

Mostly, I will be unhooked from technology the whole weekend and tuned in to the transformations of being there in the presence of speakers, meditation time, and people who want to change themselves and bring themselves closer to their truths, like you and I, seeking this for our spirit:

“If you are what you should be, you’ll set the world on fire.”

Published on: Apr 6, 2018

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