Changing Sunlight

Developing the format of my idea of a practicing artist’s life, it’s become a wonderful habit to start my mornings on my poems for a few hours in the morning before I dive into my studio time a little after 9 or 10 am until 7 pm breaking a few times to journal & blog, take coffee, a walk, lunch, and dinner.

It’s surreal to be blessed to live such a quaint, peculiar, unusually fortunate day in the midst of a 9-5 exchange. Carry me in to a different way of being – fold me into a quickening afternoon in the sometimes agile, sometimes slow, start of a new painting. Moments merely marked by the changing sunlight through big studio windows.

I am currently painting a body of work for an upcoming solo exhibit based on an imagined Japanese garden. As research for my poems and paintings set in the Japanese garden, I have visited two well-known Japanese gardens in the United States – huge and traditional gardens in Portland and Santa Barbara. It is my dream to base paintings on a garden set in Japan one day! In the meantime, if you have recommendations for gardens in the United States (I live in Las Vegas), I will start a dream list.

Thank you for reading this far!

Published on: Apr 2, 2018

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