Fury of Delicate Things

I’m beginning today earlier than most days: at the coffee shop over coffee, to-do lists, and thee. I am so grateful to have this venue to write and share my developing “artist’s life” as I affectionately dream it up and perceive of it. Friday, October 13th, I had a closing reception for my solo-exhibition I had prepared and painted on for four months. I learned about sumi ink strokes holding a girl paddling through cherry blossoms on Lake Aoki in Japan, a place I’d only dreamed up in my head. I learned about the stark possibilities of taking risks – black ink strokes on pure, white watercolor paper and how I need to trust my process of mark-making and intuition. One critique was that my large color paintings appear sometimes like “sturdy houseplants more than trembling garden plants as I poetically write about them (to be)!” I have loved the critique and feedback to my show, surrounded by a fury of friends, delicate paintings, flowers, and atmosphere. The evening was a special time for me – a creative and professional cliff off which to leap out into new territory.

Yesterday, I began on a new experimental series of delicate works on paper, self-care pieces called my “summer series.”

I am reminded of a reflective mantra, in the suite of imagery I draw upon, that my yoga teacher, Kim, taught me: “What kind of flowers do you want?” She taught me that bhavanas, in yoga theory, are clear and specific intentions for your life and/or visualizations of your dream life you hope to come true. Imagine you come home from a day at work, slip off your sandals. What kind of flowers do you want to see sitting on your small, oak kitchen dining table where peppermint hot tea, watercolor paint and a blank piece of paper await you? What’s it like to feel genuinely at peace and calm? A lot lately, self-care for me looks like water-coloring small compositions of flowers and meandering lines of paint and physical breath work, calming to my nervous system. Coffee is also restorative – just a whiff of it is a reminder of the joys of inner solitude, dream work, and sitting down first thing in the morning to write.

This afternoon, I will return to my summer series, study Japanese, and imagine them as bhavana flowers! Intentions for creativity, self-care, reflection. Intentional causes. Investment. Playing. Being okay with our ever changing world.

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